Respect for diversity and an inclusive culture are central to our success

We are looking for brilliant people to join our dynamic and growing company. We value equality, diversity and inclusion and celebrate this through our great people. We believe that a company with diverse teams at all levels and disciplines is made stronger by the different perspectives that such diversity brings. This is reflected in our vision and values, employment and development processes.

We support various personal development initiatives through our internal networks and also membership of external networking organisations and forums to connect our professionals and promote inclusivity across the firm.

Our people

To succeed in today’s world of rapid change, we must have a heightened sense of urgency and the commitment to continually transform our performance. Our approach, Market-Based Management, encourages and equips individuals to practice lifelong learning, drive innovation, embrace transformation and achieve self-actualization – all contributing to a healthy, growing organization.

Our culture is inclusive and collegiate, by which we mean that we foster a sense of teamwork, respect and partnership in everything we do rather than promoting an internally competitive culture. This has a direct impact on the type of colleagues we look to recruit, promote and retain.

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