Investment Opportunities

Investment opportunities

When partners invest with The Ngoy Group, they do so with the confidence that our varied history and track record, combined with our wide-ranging expertise and global knowledge, will drive investment returns. We work closely with our partners to deliver great returns.

"Our investment strategies may be sophisticated, but our philosophy is simple"

Our investment approach

Whether you come to us directly or through a professional adviser, our investment team will first need to establish your circumstances and requirements. Direct contact with the person who will be responsible for managing your money is a vital part of this process.

He or she will need to understand your overall level of wealth, lifestyle, time horizon and tax affairs as well as any liabilities you may have. You may be a new investor or wish to transfer an existing portfolio from another investment company. This may also be a good opportunity to consolidate your investments, under a single investment strategy.

Once we understand your situation and objectives, using our investment process, we will propose an investment strategy that reflects your individual circumstances and objectives. If you agree with the strategy, we will go ahead with the initial investment in our organisation.

Managing your portfolio

Our investment manager will also be responsible for making any adjustments if your personal situation or objectives change.

A diversified investment strategy (sometimes called a “balanced portfolio” or “multi-asset portfolio”) that combines different assets can be one of the best ways to preserve and enhance wealth over the long term. This approach can provide exposure to a wide set of investment opportunities and reduce losses when market conditions are challenging.

Typically, different assets react to conditions in the underlying economy and financial markets in different ways. For example, government bond yields usually rise (and prices fall) if the economy is strong and interest rate increases are on the horizon. Meanwhile, equities, commodities and commercial property tend to suffer when economic conditions are deteriorating.

The performance of asset classes and the relationship between them can also be affected by other factors, including central bank monetary policies, regulatory changes and the political climate as well as investor sentiment. Building diversified portfolios and monitoring the investment environment is a complex process that requires extensive resources and expertise.

Your circumstances and requirements

Our investment team will develop a close working relationship with you or your adviser, starting with a comprehensive fact-finding exercise so that we fully understand your financial situation and requirements.

Transparent reporting

Communication is important and we provide you with timely information. We believe in clear and straightforward reporting through regular portfolio valuations. You can ask us to email or post to you an up-to-date valuation at any time. You can also access our portfolio 24 hours a day online.

We have invested in our ability to monitor how your investments perform. The sophisticated, market-leading software that we use enables us to provide you with comprehensive performance data and portfolio information. Our systems also enable investment managers to manage issues that may arise in your portfolio and prepare the information needed as soon as possible.

Maintaining high standards

Given the flexibility enjoyed by our investment managers, effective oversight is very important. As well as the monitoring of investment performance by our investment executive committee, which ensures that returns are satisfactory and consistent with the levels of risk being taken, investment managers also have regular peer reviews for suitability to ensure their portfolios reflect the individual client’s investment requirements and attitude to risk.

We’re always on the lookout for new investors and collaborative work. Contact our investments team to find out how you can get involved with our organization.

Business centralisation

Our Group’s long-term investment in decentralised work groups and business processes has been key to our success, this key approach has created a highly focused and scalable business, delivering unparalleled levels of productivity and customer services. This decentralised methodology also delivers significant operational leverage, enabling us to expand at relatively low cost.

Our organisational structure brings together heads of departments from across the entire company and develops policies and proposals for consideration by the Trustees and the board of directors. Committees are held to provide the specialist support and focus that each department requires with delegated responsibilities.

Decision making is devolved from the main trustees and other key stake holders our managerial group are appointed from the world of business and other walks of life. Each of our managerial team members bring a breadth and depth of experience to establish key procedures and also offer support and give constructive challenge throughout the establishment.

Innovative Application

The Group has sophisticated workflow systems, web applications and content-rich information databases underpinning every aspect of our business model. These systems enable our internal departments to work efficiently and cohesively, to deliver exceptional levels of service and productivity and have been a key driver in reducing average overhead costs. We use digital marketing technology to lower the cost of customer acquisition and deliver higher service levels than competitors.

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